How To Troubleshoot A Dryer Drum That Doesn’t Tumble

Having a home appliance that does not work can be a frustrating experience. For instance, having a dryer that does not tumble can make life difficult, especially during winters. repairman fixing a washer and dryer unitMost homeowners would rush to call their dryer service technician to troubleshoot the problem. The dryer technician will visit your house at your convenience and repair or service the machine in the shortest possible time. A dryer repairman will also offer a limited period warranty on service and parts. However, if you want to attempt dryer repair without professional help, you must know the factors that can be responsible for the problem.

Does your machine Start?

Before you take steps to troubleshoot the problem in your household appliance, you must verify whether the machine starts or not. If the machine does not start, you must check whether the dryer is plugged in properly. At times, the circuit breaker may trip, which can prevent the machine from starting. If it is tripped, just flip the circuit breaker back on and try to run the machine once again. This should solve your problem.

If the breaker and the plug are in perfect condition, you must check the condition of the door switch. When the machine door is closed, the plastic peg inside the machine should click and activate the switch which allows the machine to complete its cycle. If the peg is broken or bent, it will not activate the switch. You can repair a bent peg by straightening it. However, if it is broken, you must replace it. If the peg is in perfect condition, the switch would have failed and must be replaced.

Machine Starts but the Drum Does Not Turn

If your machine starts, but the drum does not turn, there are three parts that could be responsible for the problem. They are:


Any problem in the belt is easy to check. Try to turn the machine drum with your hand. If the drum is a little stiff, it indicates that the belt is in perfect condition. If the drum turns easily, it indicates that the belt is worn out or broken. To check the condition of the belt, cut the power supply to the machine. You must then remove the lid, which should allow you to see the belt that is fixed around the drum. Visually inspect the belt and change if it damaged or broken.

Replacing the belt is not easy, as the area you need to work on is difficult to access. Also, the heating element of the dryer is behind the belt, which can make your job even more difficult. If you find it difficult to replace the belt, you can hire a clothes dryer technician who is an expert in repairing residential appliances.


If you hear a humming sound and the drum does not turn, it indicates that the motor is the problem. The motor could be jammed or there may be a problem with the capacitor. You can check the condition of the motor by spinning the drum and closing the door when the machine is turned on. If the dryer starts working only to stop when it has to reverse, it indicates that there is a problem with the capacitor. Replacing the capacitor is not easy, as it may hold a charge even when power is disconnected to the dryer. If the capacitor is in perfect condition, then the motor must be the problem and it must be replaced.

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